Write Your Memoir - Retreats and Workshops

What it’s like to attend a Cheerful Word writing series

 Writers working at a workshop

Writers working at a workshop

Cheerful Word 5-day, immersive retreats and 8-week workshops are unlike any you've ever attended. As both an adventure and a refuge for your writer’s soul, we dig into why we write and help you discover your writing voice. You will share your stories, and the often unspoken stories between the lines, as you connect deeply with your core values and begin to shine the light of your best self into the world. We write our stories by engaging in creative work and by diving into the deep end where your hearts can speak your truth in a safe environment with confidence. This is soul-searching work we do here. And we do it connected to one another in joy. You will share laughter, and maybe even tears, as you learn about your wise, beautiful, and badass self.

Time spent in a Cheerful Word workshop is time dedicated to you. So much happens when you write from the heart...you can heal, find freedom from certain life stories, and view things through a brand-new perspective of love and self-acceptance. And of course, you will grow to the next level in your writing ability.

Hearing other people read their stories in their own voices—making a connection to each one, was my favorite part of attending. I was fascinated by every person and found nuggets of familiarity within my own life. This really is memoir magic.
— Michelle S., NJ