Writing My Extraordinary Life

Writing workshop with The Cheerful Word

Writing workshop with The Cheerful Word

If you’re looking to find the joy of writing your own life story, or just don’t know where to start writing your memoir, join me for this dynamic, eight-week workshop.

Together we’ll engage in creative work and dive into the deep end to uncover the extraordinary stories hidden in our everyday lives. Designed for non-writers and writers alike, you’ll be encouraged as you find your writing voice and discover the writer that lies within.

I choose intuitively from methods honed through 20+ years of experience and select those which will inspire you, right where you are today. As a result of this unique approach, no two workshops are alike, except that every student leaves with pages of life stories written and a handful of newly minted friends. You might even end up writing a book!

 If you’re taking the course online and feel a little skittish, listen to what Debbie says about it.

What to expect:

  • Each session includes one hour of creative work and one hour of story sharing

  • Write 1,000 words or more each week, done between sessions

  • Share your story aloud with the group each week and provide encouraging feedback to others

Stay tuned for more workshops!
Our offices are moving and we’ll host them in a cozy, private space in Hendersonville, NC soon.

Unfurl your inner writer in this writing workshop

Unfurl your inner writer in this writing workshop

Writing Deeper

In part two of my series, take your writing to the next level, go deeper, and learn what it takes to finally finish your book.

In Writing My Extraordinary Life you explored stories that bubbled to the surface as you wrote on different themes across your years.

Now that some ideas have emerged, and your writing voice has begun to make herself known, it’s time to shape more stories into a page-turning narrative. In Writing Deeper, you’ll not only write much more content—be prepared to roll up your sleeves and type—but learn how to write with perspective and point-of-view, and how to break through writer’s block.

You’ll learn how to overcome more difficult stumbling blocks such as how to handle a personal experience that seems to hard to write about, family skeletons in the closet that may be lurking, or other questionable topics that may have you too afraid to write your story. I have found a way to help everyone I’ve worked with to share their story in a way that honors, encourages, and inspires the writer and the reader in the end.

You can finally write your book, whether you seek joy, freedom, healing, or just plain fun from releasing the story within you.

As you unfurl your inner writer, you become an author by Writing Deeper.

If you don’t want to wait for the next workshop series, please contact me for one-on-one coaching. I’m happy to help!