Creativity is nurtured by an exceptionally talented professional that transforms that ordinary thing into something special. Sam, you are in the league of extraordinary editors.
— Derrick M., Chesterfield, VA

… I know I have my grandfather’s words, his stories, his memories preserved to pass on to future generations. I am so grateful our paths crossed and that you offered this amazing service. Words cannot begin to describe the weight that has been lifted in preserving his legacy!
— Natalie S., Wiesbaden, Germany
I loved being part of an intimate creative space, meeting terrific, like (and different) minded people, and getting the impetus to begin writing again.
— Debbie B., Del Mar, CA
I loved hearing other people’s stories as a gateway to inspire me to look at my story in different ways. I appreciated the discipline of writing, and the support, the love, and the safe environment; the encouragement to make my dreams come true.
— Ali W., Saluda, NC
Sam’s guidance, discipline, and suggestions always directed for clarity for the reader. Her editorial judgement on selecting photos helped to add the right human touch and brought my book to life. I highly recommend Sam as a partner in your memoir endeavor to create a lasting memory.
— Katharine Buschbacher De Kay, Saluda, NC, Author of By the Grace of God
I began this journey for another reason entirely. It turned into an exercise in vulnerability and connection. My personal relationships were strengthened because of this workshop.
— Joe D., Brevard, NC
Sam is a gifted and talented writing group leader, holding the sacred space for writers to share honestly, authentically and safely with one another. She has excellent knowledge of writing techniques and is a natural editor. She leads with sensitivity and safeguards both the group’s time and personal space. Take her workshops and writing groups!
— Dana C., Hendersonville, NC
I loved the camaraderie and sense of community. I wrote on topics that were emotionally tough sometimes, but I found that as I gave voice to my stories, I had more strength to face these stories than I thought I had. I also love your encouraging, friendly, and inviting teaching style.
— Lucie N., Hendersonville, NC
Sam is inspirational and offers practical examples and suggestions that have already improved my memoir tremendously.
— Mary V., Biltmore Lake, NC
I loved all the writing we could do, and the sharing was great…hearing from others. Sam’s intuitive spirit and exuberant and inspiring guidance made for a fantastic experience. I feel inspired and hopeful that I can finally finish my memoir now.
— Laura D., Asheville, NC
Because of this class, I have truly found a deeper connection with myself and others.
— Melanie S., Arden, NC
I loved learning the art of Memoir writing. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was. It is something I will always keep with me and it will grow for years to come and bless others for many more years.
— Miranda W., Elridge, IA
Our book about Paula’s recovery from a severe head injury would never have seen the light of day without Sam’s wisdom, counsel, and work.
She helped us organize the details of our journey in a series of very comfortable discussions that felt like we were talking with a family member.
Then, she put it all together in an appealing, well-written book we are proud to share with others.
— Doug & Paula Poad, Brevard, NC
Sam and I have been friends for many years and I knew she had strong work ethics.
I knew she would handle my book with the care it needed in order to reach the audience it was intended for. I had never published a book and Sam went out of her way to walk me through the steps to turn my story into a book.
Her staff was easily accessible and willing to make changes I felt strongly about. The editors were easy to work with and corrected grammatical issues that were hard for me to spot.

Here We Go Joe is still being read after three years and receiving positive reviews. Thank you Sam for making my story come to life!
— Cora Darrah, Durham, NC, Author of Here We Go Joe

I loved being part of an intimate creative space, meeting terrific like (and different) minded people and getting the impetus to begin writing again.
— Debbie B.