Publish Your Story


If you have a memoir or other non-fiction manuscript you want to publish, look to The Cheerful Word imprint as your partner publisher.

Whether you want to print just a few copies for family and friends or sell them to inspire the masses, we’ve got you covered.

We work on a split-royalties basis. Authors receive 10% right from the start. No complicated contracts. In addition to being your creative publishing partner, we teach you how to market your book!

Three Ways to Get Published

1: If you don’t have any content yet, we can help you get started.
Click here to attend one of our workshops or retreats and learn how to write your memoir yourself. Click here to hire us as your ghostwriter.

2: If you have some content, but don’t know how to finish.
Click here to register for one of our retreats or sign up to work with one of our expert writing coaches.

3: I have a completed manuscript and I’m ready to publish.

Why should you trust us?

You are feeling a heady romance with your just-finished manuscript and you’re shopping around for publishers. This can be exciting and overwhelming. When looking for a partner to publish your hard work into the world, be sure you pick a small publisher who not only believes in you and your book, but has your back in the contract from what they will do for you in marketing and royalty payments and beyond. No matter who you interview, following are some good questions, and my answers, to get to know them before you make your choice (and follow your intuition! If you don’t feel confident and comfortable right from the start, move on).

Whoever you choose, above all, enjoy the ride! Take a look at some of our success stories here!

Who runs the business?
Sam Uhl is the owner of The Cheerful Word and manages the expert team that edits, designs, and proofs your book. She personally oversees each book as it goes through the stages of production to ensure that excellence is applied at every step.

What do we publish?
We publish personal memoir, but accept other non-fiction as it fits into our schedule.

When do we publish, and how often?
We publish throughout the year, approximately every couple of months depending upon the number of books in the pipeline. We have just expanded the team to meet the demands of our new royalty-based system, which will allow us to publish up to more books in 2019.

Where are we located and where do we distribute?
We are located in Hendersonville, North Carolina. We distribute worldwide via and its international channels. We can order in bulk and distribute locally in bookstores and at a discount for the author.

How do we get paid?
We get paid after printing and distribution costs minus your fixed, 10% royalties. As a partner publisher, we maintain a flexible approach to our author contracts. Some authors have chosen to pay us a lump sum at the beginning of the project in lieu of us taking any royalties. This has proven very beneficial to some who have done extensive personal sales and marketing.

Why do we do what we do?
We stumbled into boutique publishing because Sam discovered that some of her memoir writing clients wanted to share their stories beyond family and friends. To do this meant years of frustrating knocks on the doors of big publishing houses, most of whom don’t publish memoir to begin with, and certainly don’t publish a first-time author “without a brand or platform.” With local bookstores refusing to carry poorly designed (and often terribly written), self-published books, The Cheerful Word found a calling.

After four years of stumbling upward to success, we decided to hang our publishing shingle so that everyday people finally have a place they can go and people they can trust with their very life stories, to not only write them, but publish them as well. In nine years, we have gone from ghostwriting memoirs, to teaching and coaching and now publishing high-quality memoirs accessible to everyone. We’ve become the soup-to-nuts home for memoir writers! Take a look at some of our success stories here!