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If you have a memoir or other story you want to publish, look to The Cheerful Word publishing company. As a registered imprint, we publish books for private family libraries and for those who want to profit from selling their books. Writing your book is the just the first step. Finding a publisher for your book presents you with a dizzying number of choices and expenses. So, whether you want to print just a few copies for family and friends or sell books to inspire the masses, we’ve got you covered.

When selling your books for profit, we work on a split-royalties basis. Authors receive 10% right from the start. No complicated contracts. In addition to being your creative publishing partner, we teach you how to market your book! If you’re publishing a private book we work on a flat fee arrangement instead.

Three Ways to Get Published

1: “I don’t have any book content written yet.”
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2: “I have some content, but don’t know how to finish.”
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3: I have a completed manuscript and I’m ready to publish.
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The advantage of working with a publisher as your partner

We are considered an Independent, or Indie Publisher. While most big, traditional publishers will not risk publishing books by new authors, we believe that everyday people have extraordinary stories to share. When you want to publish a book, writers often run into one of two main choices

  1. Trying to find an agent and obtain a contract from traditional publishers, or

  2. Trying to self-publish. PLEASE NOTE: Self-publishing restricts you from selling in bookstores, which means that your methods of marketing yourself will be severely limited. You need to be published by a registered, professional imprint such as The Cheerful Word to have your book considered for listing in catalogs and bookstores, greatly expanding your channels and marketing ability.

A successful book requires a professionally edited and designed manuscript, a good title, and a great cover design. We know that new authors dream of having a chance to succeed beyond their own sphere of influence. We’d love to help your dreams come true! That does not mean we accept all manuscripts. We know that only good content has a chance to sell. Since we need to make a profit from the sales of your book through our distribution efforts, we limit our acceptance to manuscripts we think have a strong chance to succeed.

How does it work?

We teach authors how to develop a fan base and love helping those who are willing to work hard and follow through with promotions. By partnering with you, we can provide the professional services you need while sharing the risk. Here’s how we share the risk to take on your project:

  • We don’t require you to pre-purchase a large order of books to make back our investment (which is what traditional publishing contracts do). Purchasing a thousand books at $3.50 each would cost you $3,500 before it even hits the shelves—a tough pill to swallow for writers without a platform.

  • We pay you 10% royalties right from the start, trusting that you’ll market your book at least as strongly as we do. Traditional publishers typically start you out at 4 to 5%, and, after you sell tens of thousands you might roll up to 6 or 7%. The dozens of channels we use to increase sales of your book helps us cover our approximately $3,000 investment we make in every author. This investment includes: 

    • Editing

    • Proofreading

    • Cover design

    • Interior book design

    • Proof print

    • Ongoing promotion

    • Book launch

    • Account management

    • Orders and shipping prep

    • Royalty payments

    • Paying our expert team

We pay for these services as an investment we’re willing to make because we believe in you and your story.

More Perks

If you bring us a finished manuscript with the intent to publish with us, we complete a free, detailed manuscript review and send a report of our findings to you before we accept you as one of our published authors. If it holds promise, needing only professional editing (Chicago Manual of Style) or minor rewrites, and they meet our publishing sales requirements (they have an audience to sell to, which we can help you develop), you are accepted as a Cheerful Word author. If you’re not sure your manuscript is ready and want an honest critique before committing to publishing, we charge $500 fee to receive the same thorough Manuscript Review Report that any writer gets.

If you come to us with just an idea or unfinished manuscript and we feel the story holds promise in the marketplace, we offer to coach you to finish it. One of our professional writing coaches can help you create the narrative you’ve been dreaming of. If you hire one of our coaches, you are guaranteed a publishing spot with our imprint because we know the level of excellence that comes through working with our writers.

Benefits of working with The Cheerful Word team:

  • You retain creative control over your story and your book design.

  • You get royalties paid to you for the life of your book as long as online sales continue.

  • You can purchase your books at a low rate for your own distribution at any time with no minimum order requirement.

  • We manage the distribution of your book to all available worldwide channels of sale across Amazon, Barnes and Noble, libraries, and more.

  • We host a book launch for you where you will share a passage from your book, answer questions from the audience, and sell signed copies.

  • We conduct an author Q&A that is video-taped. We share 1 to 3-minute mini-videos with you for social media and other online marketing.

  • We create a single-page website for your book that leads viewers directly to Amazon to purchase your book.

  • Our marketing team promotes your book from months in advance and on an ongoing basis through The Cheerful Word website, social media promotions, book fairs, etc.

  • We send you links to enter into a variety of book contests that continue to bring attention to your story.

  • You can buy one of our promotion packages customized by our in-house marketing specialist to greatly increase the size and reach of your intended audience and others who might be interested in reading your story.

We will never surprise you with hidden charges. Our Agreements are uncomplicated and easy to understand, giving you all the information you need to make a responsible decision to publish with us.


Ultimately, the success of your book, no matter which publisher picks you up, depends on the most enthusiastic promotor of your book—YOU! We are here to help make your book a smashing success, but there will never be anyone as passionate as you are about your story. Enthusiasm and massive promotion of a great story sells more books. After four years of publishing and continually improving our processes with more than 30 books to date, we have a pretty good idea about what works best to help everyday people publish their stories.

Why should you trust us?

Whoever you choose to publish your book, above all else enjoy the ride! Take a look at some of our success stories here!

Who runs the business?
Sam Uhl is the owner of The Cheerful Word and manages the expert team that edits, designs, and promotes your book. She personally oversees each book as it goes through the stages of production to ensure that excellence is applied at every step.

What do we publish?
Our main focus is on publishing memoirs, and we occasionally accept non-fiction narratives such as spiritual and entrepreneurial stories.

When do we publish, and how often?
We publish throughout the year, and have just expanded our team to meet the demands of our new royalty-based system, which will allow us to publish more books in 2020.

Where are we located and where do we distribute?
We are located in Hendersonville, North Carolina. We distribute worldwide through many channels. We can order in bulk and distribute locally in bookstores and at a discount for the author.

How do we get paid?
We get paid after the printer and distribution channels take their 60%, we get 30%, and you get 10% royalties. As an Independent Publisher, we maintain a flexible approach to our author contracts. Some authors have chosen to pay us a large, lump sum at the beginning of the project in lieu of our royalties. This has been beneficial to some who have done extensive personal sales and marketing.

Why do we do what we do?
We stumbled into publishing because Sam discovered that some of her memoir writing clients wanted to share their stories beyond their circle of family and friends. She watched for years as writers with a great story knocked on the doors of big publishing houses, only to be turned down. Most don’t publish memoir, and certainly don’t publish a first-time author without a well-developed brand or platform. Additionally, local bookstores refuse self-published books because they are, more often than not, poorly designed, terribly written, and unedited by a professional. The Cheerful Word decided to answer the need in a constantly changing and confusing industry.

In nine years, we have gone from ghostwriting memoirs, to teaching and coaching others to write their own stories. Now we publish high-quality books accessible to everyone. We’ve become the soup-to-nuts home for writers! Take a look at some of our success stories here!