Marketing Your Book

Marketing? Wait, what? I’m an author. Who said anything about marketing?! All I do is put my finished book up on Amazon, tell my friends via Facebook, and voila, my memoir will sell like hotcakes, right?

Take a deep breath. Getting published is a cool feather in your cap. And if a single copy sells, whoa, best feeling ever!

But books don’t sell themselves; people need to learn about your book before they actually start buying it. To do that, you need to start building their interest in you, and in that book beforehand.


This is the journey we call “marketing.” It can be accomplished with a lot of investment up front, or with a small investment over a long period of time. But make no mistake – depending on what your goals and aspirations are for your book – it’s a necessary and vital step if you want to sell books beyond your immediate circle of family, friends, and community.

The daily act of writing your book was the best part of becoming an author. Remember what I said about writing because you love it? We write because we must; because we are driven to pour our hearts out on the page. Not because we expect to be the beloved, published author revered for their every word, one who resides on some golden pedestal in the public eye collecting riches. But that’s gravy compared to the swooning feeling we get every morning when we wake up, grab the coffee, hit the keyboard, and let it rip. (Okay, swooning is a bit much. It’s hard as hell some days, but you get my drift.) We keep writing because we are writers before we are authors.

Don’t get suckered by the one of the hundreds of slick blog posts that promise lots of money virtually overnight if you promote your book using their unique method. There is no special secret to the success of selling books, only proper, persistent effort over time. You need to write great content, print a professional-looking book, and target effective marketing to the right readers over a decent (meaning months, even years) amount of time. The right people will notice and begin to talk, purchase, share, and the buzz over your book will continue…as long as you keep making the effort. That’s the gist of it.

Yes, a well-paid marketing specialist can be a great help. But who knows your content the best? You do.

The Cheerful Word can give you a leg up on marketing your book without spending an arm and a leg. And, if you need a true marketing professional, we can make some sound recommendations for the right person to help you.

How do you get people to buy your book once it’s published?

Well, for one thing, you don’t wait until the moment your book is published to start marketing! You start six, eight, twelve months before your book is launched, ideally while you’re writing the manuscript. Use the time during the book writing effort to begin letting your ideal readers know about it through small but consistent messages and online posts. Work on developing an interest in the book over time; treat it like the little business that it is.

No one knows your story, or is more passionate about it, than you are! You are the best sales person for your book, and we will help you learn how to communicate your passion to others in a way that will make them want to read it as much as you wanted to write it.

Through our new Market Your Extraordinary Book course, you will develop the process and resources to launch the successful small business of selling your book (assuming that is your goal, of course). The foundational information in this course will carry you farther down the road than the latest marketing hype. We’ll share the latest, doable book marketing techniques to help you build awareness about your book over the long haul, grow your fan base, and use social media tools to your best advantage. You can learn how to discern when the marketing work is something you can do yourself, and when to invest in hiring a true professional. At that point, we can refer you to book marketing professionals we’ve already vetted and trust.

Check out our marketing course, Market Your Extraordinary Book, and get ready to start making money with your book to reward you for all the hard work you’re doing writing that memoir! 

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