Marketing Your Book


If you write because you are driven by passion—cash be damned—then this page is not for you.

If you set out to write to make money, here’s an obvious, but often overlooked statement for you: Books don’t sell themselves. People sell books.

To build enthusiasm for someone to make that first purchase, you need to build interest long before you publish.

This idea of having a conversation with your market is called building your author platform. Some call it building your brand. The purpose is to become familiar and valuable to people with whom you’ve spent time developing your own relationship with, preferably via email (social media can disappear at any moment and email is the only one you own). When you finally publish your book, you have already developed a trusted relationship, so asking them to buy your book won’t be a leap; in fact, they’ll be eagerly awaiting the release of it because you’ve been sharing bits of it and related gifts of valuable knowledge from others with them all along.

Building your platform boils down to knowing who you are, knowing your story, and marketing it to the right audience as early as possible. We can help.

You in the process of becoming an author of a book and a business owner of your own brand. We break it down into manageable, practical, and achievable steps. When you hit the publish button, people everywhere will be at the edge of their seats waiting to buy your book! Contact us today to get started.

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