Submit Your Manuscript for Publication


Congratulations on completing your manuscript!

Before you submit it to us for a formal review…

Run it by a couple of friends for some honest feedback. I know, I know. I can feel you rolling your eyes, cursing. But seriously, choose a few people who will read your manuscript eagerly. Happily. People who will tell you the truth about what works and what doesn’t. You will end up with a better understanding of what is working and what isn’t. After your bruised ego has stopped wailing, you will make the changes you feel good about and thank your friends.

The whole point is to give your story a better shot at being accepted by us on your first submission.

This part of the writing life is not for the meek or arrogant. It’s for the writer who loves to write. If you’re writing only to make money, you’re in the writing life for the wrong reason. If you’re writing because you poured your whole heart onto the page and told a story that we can’t put down, well then, you've got our attention.

What does it mean to submit your manuscript for publication?

We read your whole book and give you candid feedback in the form of an essay via email. You have email access to the reviewer for a limited time to discuss their critique. You’ll discover where you excel and where you could improve your story to help you become a success.

One of three things will happen as a result of your formal submission:

  1. We will accept your manuscript for with some light, editorial changes directly to publication.

  2. We will send your manuscript back to you for editing, re-writing, or other development as indicated by our notes. This is a temporary rejection in that we believe you have a good story in the making, but it needs work before it meets our publishing standards.

  3. We reject your manuscript as it does not meet our publication standards.

 You can resubmit your manuscript only one time, so make it count by being prepared. Follow the advice to be edited beforehand for your best shot at acceptance.

Each manuscript is accepted and reviewed on a case-by-case basis. No one is guaranteed to be published by The Cheerful Word, but every manuscript, as long as it meets the criteria of non-fiction and is a personal story, will be equally reviewed and considered.

A manuscript review is not an edit. We expect a well-written and edited manuscript to be submitted for publication by our imprint.


We are fair reviewers at The Cheerful Word. Other than those which are poorly edited, those we’ve turned away fall into one of these two camps, revenge memoirs (those that malign or dishonor others) or plagiarized work.

Keep in mind we make no guarantee that any submitted manuscript will be accepted. You are not under contract with The Cheerful Word as an author until you receive a congratulatory letter from us through the postal service or via email.

Informal Manuscript Review


If you’re not quite ready to submit your manuscript for publication, we’re happy to review your manuscript and give you honest feedback about where we think your strengths and weaknesses are before you submit it for publishing. This review does not include editing.

To get some friendly feedback lickety-split, submit your story to us using the form below. Price: $500 for up to 90,000 words. $1000 for up to 180,000 words.