Let Us Publish Your Memoir


Writing your memoir is the first step to publishing; printing and publishing are the last processes that create a finished book. The Cheerful Word, as a boutique publisher of memoir, is here to take you from writing your first words through publishing your book for the world—or just your family—to read.

In between the writing and the publishing are many other steps that go into creating a memoir that you'll enjoy writing and others will enjoy reading. Here is an overview of each of those steps (of course, we expertly guide you).

If you are working as part of a retreat or workshop, you'll have the support of Sam and your classmates for guidance and basic and developmental editing. If you are working on your own to write your memoir, you should consider hiring one of our writing coaches or editors to help your sentence structure or storyline before your first draft is complete. We strongly recommend that you follow that up by employing the expertise of our professional editor to complete some level of editing before submitting your first draft to us for a manuscript review, during which we consider your memoir for publication. Yes, we love a well-edited manuscript! If we accept your manuscript for publication, it next goes into book design, where the cover and interior are carefully crafted. Whether you are printing your book for distribution and sale to the public or just for your private family library, we've got you covered with our printing and publishing services. We also teach you how to market your book. We are the soup-to-nuts memoir shop!

Three Roads to Publishing

There are three ways you get to press the green Publish My Book button below.

Find the statement below that fits you, then and click the link and to jump to the quickest route to be published by The Cheerful Word.

  1. I have a great idea for a book!
    This means you need to get writing, or hire The Cheerful Word to write your memoir on your behalf. Click here to attend one of our workshops or retreats and learn how to write your memoir yourself.  Click here to hire us as your writer
  2. I have some content and I want to publish a book, but I am stuck or don’t know how to finish.
    Click here to register for one of our retreats or sign up to work with a writing coach
  3. I have a completed manuscript and I’m ready to publish my memoir.
    Click here to submit your manuscript for review. We will carefully consider it for publication by The Cheerful Word imprint. 

If you've finished the process, jump in and press the button. We're ready and waiting to hear from you!

What we are

The Cheerful Word is a company devoted to discovering, writing, and publishing the extraordinary memoirs of everyday people. We do this by taking people from the writing and discovery phase right through printing a personal book of memoir through the boutique publishing arm of our business.

We also help you understand how we are vastly different from both traditional publishers and the self-publishing world.

You can print your book without publishing it. Printing your book and publishing your book are two different things. At The Cheerful Word, we can do both.

The Printed Book

Some people want to leave memoirs that are deeply personal and are limited in their circulation to private family libraries and perhaps a few close friends. For this purpose, you go through the very same steps as you would to create a published book, except that we don’t issue the book with the requisite ISBN and international circulation data online. It remains offline and confidential, and is only available for order through The Cheerful Word upon request of the author or his or her Power of Attorney. It is never for sale in public.

These private family memoirs are the books that gave me my start in this business many years ago. You can see samples here.

We offer two styles of book printing: a hand-crafted, heirloom leather hardcover book or the paperback book. Prices vary depending on what services are needed. Please contact us for details. We love to print family memoirs!

The Published Book

A published book, is for purchase by the world at large. It is for sale to anyone who will pay for it so that the author may reap the benefits of earning royalties for years to come. And with The Cheerful Word, you will receive 100% of your royalties for life. No kidding.

What we are NOT

We are not a traditional publishing house that:

  • Vets authors through publishing agents
  • Pays you an advance in the belief and understanding that they will:
  • Remove your creative license and make the manuscript what we think will sell best
  • Edit it and mold your writing into what we want it to say and how we want it to read
  • May or may not edit or proofread your book very well
  • Will likely release your book in about two years
  • Doesn’t know your purpose, content, audience, or your target markets
  • May or may not market your book very well to a target audience that you intended
  • You may never see another dime from if sales plummet (and you can’t transfer it to another publisher. You’re stuck for life)
  • You are restricted how you can market your book on your own
  • Owns you and your every word once you sign the contract
  • Has subcontracts with all the marketing and sales channels and agents who take a cut of your royalties before you do. You don’t earn any royalties until your advance is completely paid back to the publisher. This typically amounts to never, if not decades.

We are not a self-publisher that:

  • Takes little to no money up front from you online
  • Doesn’t know your purpose, content, audience, or your target markets
  • Makes big marketing, design, and editing promises and rarely follows through
  • Again, you’ll be caught up in a web of multi-level contracts who will glean your royalties of up around 65% and you’ll be forever limited on the money you can make if this is your goal.
  • Limits where you can sell your book. Bookstores will not stock self-published books.

Don’t want to be self-published?

Don’t want to wait on traditional publishers forever?

So, what’s an author to do? Most bookstores won’t carry books without a publisher’s imprint. And how do you find an agent anyway? The Cheerful Word offers publishing services to help authors overcome these hurdles and walk with you every step of the way.

Publish with The Cheerful Word and keep 100% of your royalties

Most publishers retain the rights to the books they publish, but at The Cheerful Word, there are no royalty contracts. We believe authors should keep all of the money they make from every book they sell. We partner with you to publish it, then teach you how to get a leg up on marketing your book…but you keep 100% of your royalties from your book sales for life. We don’t take a dime after your book is published.

At The Cheerful Word, we believe in building your trust through a relationship with you and your manuscript and have developed a tried and true methodology to get you to your goals.

As a boutique memoir publisher, we have a small team who is dedicated to publishing a limited number of memoirs per year. You have at least one point of contact, your project manager, at all times, in addition to the writers, editors, or book designers as needed in the process. We’re easy to reach and communicate frequently so you always know the status of your book. We value excellence that reflects not only your long-term success, but on our reputation as well.

What’s the catch?

I’m so glad you asked. Our prices are higher compared to most publishing companies who help self-published authors. There are many reasons we feel we are worth more. The first reason is that online self-publishing companies often take huge percentages of your royalties for the privilege of helping you put a cover on your text and ever-so-slightly promoting your book to the internet, for the life of your book. Most authors will tell you that they never make any money self-publishing their books because their manuscripts were not properly edited or poorly designed prior to publication.

The second and third reasons we charge more is because of the customization and personal attention we deliver to every one of our authors. Self-published authors are often disappointed when they discover that the graphics used on their cover were also used on hundreds of other self-published books in the same genre. They also find it difficult to contact a person in charge of their book by email or telephone when they have a question.

We invest in a few authors each year to insure your success the best we can instead of churning out poor quality books that none of us are proud of. See what our authors say about their investment in us. We hope to speak with you soon to answer any questions you have and make your memoir the next Cheerful Word in print.