Level 1

  • Corrects grammar and punctuation errors within manuscript. Includes email notes containing thoughts on sentence structure. Price: 3.5¢ a word

Level 2

  • Everything from level 1 plus correcting sentence structure within manuscript. Includes email notes on ideas or storylines that may need clarification or further development. Price: 4.5¢ a word

Level 3

  • Meets Chicago Style Manual standards of style, usage, and grammar. Includes rewrites and suggestions for improvement to story arc to increase readability for intended audience and to increase marketability of book. Price: 6.5¢ a word

“Search & Rescue” Package

We’ll help you edit when you need it most!

We’ll help you edit when you need it most!

This pay-as-you-go editing service is for help when you need it most, such as when your writing is sinking under the weight of adverbs and adjectives or you’re just in a pinch! You can count on us to rescue you from the doldrums of writer’s block.

Pre-paid price:

  • $250 – Includes up to 1.5 hours of rapid-response telephone and email editing. This package is prepaid and time is billed in 15-minute increments, including time to read and review your writing sample.

For the best use of the Search & Rescue Editing Package, we recommend you:

  1. Select the appropriate size writing sample for the time you can afford.

  2. Prepare one or two specific questions for the editor that can be gleaned from the selected text.

  3. If speaking by phone, provide times and days you are most available to talk.

Once you’ve paid for the package, you can call (almost) anytime for a rescue! Feel free to send 1-2 paragraphs to your editor for a quick fix anytime. Or, use your package for more than one project if you don’t spend all your time on the first one.



Personalized, private coaching for writers is available. This includes monthly:

  • One, 1-hour coaching sessions (telephone, online, or in-person)

  • Three writer’s submissions of no more than 4,000 words each

  • Editor’s email notes and Word files, using Track Changes, returned within a week of each submission

Price: $350 per month on an initial three-month commitment which goes month-to-month thereafter.

Upgraded services available upon request for additional fees. For example, extra submissions or coaching time.