Book Coaching for Writers

Book signing party!

Book signing party!

Need a coach to help write your book? Look no further!

One-on-one coaching with one of our writing coaches might be your first choice if any of the following apply:

  • You’re looking for an affordable way to get your book written in a timely fashion

  • You like to write

  • People have said to you, “You should write a book!”

  • You have several pieces already written and you need some help piecing it all together into a captivating narrative

What Coaching Includes

Personalized, private coaching for writers includes coaching sessions online, by telephone, or in person. These are usually held weekly to maintain your writing enthusiasm and keep you gently accountable to your self-imposed deadlines.

We follow these two simple guidelines for the most beneficial experience:

  • Writer’s submissions of about 12,000 words a month. This breaks down into about three pieces submissions of approximately 4,000 words each, but that is flexible. You can discuss your personal pace with your book writing coach.

  • Your coach splits her five (5) hours of time between meetings with you and hours to review, lightly edit, and return your submissions to you in MS Word files with the Track Changes feature turned on.

How Book Coaching Works

First, I ask you four proprietary anchor questions. I work with you to hone your answers as they become the foundation of your book writing process.

The process I follow is unconventional and organic. Unlike other book writing coaches, I don’t recommend that you hold strictly to a table of contents or an outline that you fill in to complete your book. I have found that writing life stories is not a linear process. Rarely does a person tell a story in a straight line from start to finish. The joy of storytelling, and reading, is in the asides and reflections along the way.

This is not an autobiographical tome or list of boring chronological events of your life, it’s a highlight reel of certain experiences that you want to share with others. A memoir is a season of your life or thread of story that recurs throughout your life. While we do have tried and true methods that get you to your goal, which we set out in your anchor questions, we are your guides and partners in the journey to writing your life story. Among our writers, we’ve done it hundreds of times, so we know how to care for your unique story and not only coach you in your writing, but coax your best stories to the surface so that you can write about them.

During the process, you can expect gentle guidance to stay on track with your timeline, stick to your story arc, maintain your writing voice, meet your publishing deadline, and much more.


If you are planning to be published by The Cheerful Word for profit, I require your manuscript to be copyedited by an expert editor knowledgeable in the Chicago Manual of Style. This is the publishing industry standard. A well-edited book receives better reviews online, and better reviews on Amazon translates into increased sales in the short and long run.


One-on-one, non-fiction book coaching is $375 per month on an initial three-month commitment, which goes month-to-month thereafter. Cost includes five (5) hours of coaching time measured in 15-minute increments and includes sessions, emails, and reviewing and editing. Extra submissions or coaching time is available at an additional cost of $75/hour.

We understand that life happens, and if you need to take a break during your book-writing journey due to a vacation or a family need, just let us know. We will plan ahead to have your writer available to you when you return in a month or two when you’re ready to finish your book.