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Write a memoir from your journals

I may be a memoir writer, but I’m a terrible journaler. I love pretty ones, leather ones wrapped with string, and journals made from uncut paper.

When I get a new one, I write as if my life depended on it. But all too soon, it’s too hot to write or the dog needs to snuggle. Rarely do I fill all the pages. Even so, I eventually get down on paper—or into my laptop—what I need to from my heart, soul, and brain.

There are prayer journals, travel journals, daily task journals, emotional venting journals, and gratitude journals. These are all commendable, but what do you do with them as they stack up in boxes the closet…

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Welcome Back to The Cheerful Word!

At The Cheerful Word, we all write memoir. That is my heart and soul and mission. Some people who come here are brand new writers, exploring life story for the first time. Other friends pop in for a visit to immerse themselves in writing; to stir the creative juices, gaining inspiration from fellow writers and get back on track. Yet others are returning for guidance and to put a finishing touch on a manuscript before submitting to us for consideration to publish.

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