Why writing your memoir is a lovefest

Art & Bette Tuskey Reading Love Fest.jpg

I love helping people discover the extraordinary stories that lie within our everyday lives in the form of memoir. And love, once shared, spreads to shower love on all who read your words. 

Here’s a description of the people I love working with the most—and the reasons people say they love working with me too! People who enjoy working together build a sacred trust relationship, one that leads to helping you preserve your story in a way that honors you and lifts up the spirit of others as they read your words.

I love working with people who… 

  • Cherish family stories, connecting the dots across the generations—traits such as dedication, compassion, service to others, love of cooking, knitting, cars, animals, clothes, the woods, or the ocean. Connection to our ancestors brings a new and unique story in your life today.

  • Treasure tough experiences. Once you write and share about hardships, you realize how much they have helped to shape the you into the amazing human you are today.

  • Discover wisdom they didn’t recognize before vulnerably sharing their story, and that giving others the chance to read about their experiences brings encouragement, inspiration, and joy to all.

  • Value the preservation of our individual and collective stories—stories that knit us together with understanding, compassion, and delight.

  • Realize that preserving our life stories is more valuable and lasting than any possession. You can’t compare the the soul-satisfying a-ha moment of connection rooted in history to buying a fancy car, a new wardrobe, or the latest gadget. Writing your memoir creates a living legacy to your life and all those who have come before you.

People say they love working with me because…

  • They feel listened to, understood, and affirmed just the way they are. My writers feel worthy when they work with me.

  • Their fears dissipate in the face of a compassionate listener, and their joy increases with understanding of self and self worth.

  • I help them see their life experiences from a renewed perspective. My students and storytellers learn and grow from the sometimes heavy burdens of their past.

  • I provide a safe environment in which to share life’s chapters of happiness and hardship, feats and foibles.

  • I help them create a narrative of their lives that honors and encourages them today, and leaves a legacy of inspiration for generations to come.

Join the lovefest and consider writing your life story with me. There’s no better time than the present to preserve the past and write looking to the future you who will be so fondly remembered.