Write Your Own Memoir

Write your own memoir
In-person and online Guided Memoir Writing Workshop Series


My Life Stories is an 8-week memoir writing workshop. Write your life stories as a series of short pieces focused on a different theme each week. No writing experience necessary—I guide you every step of the way, leading you through themes and priming creative exercises that evoke the memories and experiences that bring you honor and encouragement today and leave a legacy of inspiration for the future. You'll rediscover stories hidden away just under the surface as you explore themes on branching points, family, spirituality, friendships and more. Before you know it, you'll have a collection of written stories documenting your life and family experiences. 

Your memoir will inform, entertain, and connect you with family and friends for generations to come. Each week you'll share your written stories with a small group of like-minded participants in a confidential setting. 

When finished, print your memoirs in a lovely leather notebook, a paperback book, or a beautiful, heirloom hardcover book. We can help with everything from editing to custom book design and the final printing. We've got you covered from start to finish. We will apply the payment for the workshop to the cost of any Life Story Book project should you choose to complete your book with us.

Through your leadership and guidance, thousands of valuable memories
will not simply vanish,  but will live on to inspire others for generations!
— Jan M.

The experience

  • Engage in creative and challenging exercises to build up both hemispheres of your brain. Each one is a fun workout that delivers creative dividends in your writing for weeks! Your stories rise to the surface more effortlessly, and in marvelous, unexpected ways.
  • Enjoy a brand new theme at every session, complete with at least a dozen prompting topics to choose from when writing your weekly stories.
  • Listen to inspiring and encouraging stories of everyday people who share extraordinary moments from their lives (Hint: you are one of them!)
  • Build new friendships as you get to know one another from a refreshing perspective.


  • Show up
  • Write two pages each week
  • Share them aloud with your small group
  • Bask in the encouragement and inspiration!

Why take a Memoir Writing Workshop from Sam?

I'm a Certified Birren Institute Guided Autobiography Instructor. That long title simply means I know how to elicit your stories in a confidential group setting so that you have fun, are encouraged, and feel honored by what you write. Plus, I just love it when my students say, "I didn't even know I had that wonderful memory! I can't wait to share my life stories with my family and friends." Preserving your life stories is a lifelong passion of mine, and I'll do all I can to make writing your memoir an experience you'll always treasure.

Investment: $295 (Military price $195)

You are investing in yourself and your life story and I take my role as your guide in this important life work seriously. In exchange, your intention and integrity are of paramount importance. Your non-refundable payment is a commitment to yourself, those who will survive you, other participants, and to me. Let the memoir magic begin!

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