Memoir Coaching

What does write-to-publish mean?

Whether you’ve been journaling, writing you life stories or blogging for personal or business purposes, we can help get your book finished and published.

You will find that committing to a self-imposed deadline, with the accountability of a professional partner in the writing process, helps you maintain the enthusiasm for the project to completion. Many have started—few have finished.

We will help you define your purpose and audience for each written work, decide on a publication date, and provide expert guidance every step of the way. With our guidance and examples from successful published authors, including tips and instructions for getting over the next hurdle at just the right moments, you’ll find yourself proud of a book or e-book that will soon be available for the world to enjoy.

Here’s what to expect

We help you:
    •    explore ideas around your book and see if we’re a good fit to work together before you make a commitment. 
    •    create a schedule, including a first draft deadline, timeline and milestones. 
    •    identify and refine a theme. 
    •    identify a purpose, intended audience and initial topics to be included. 
    •    organize any existing content. 
    •    structure your book to be of greatest value to your readers. 
    •    stay motivated to continue or refine your writing. 
    •    apply writing tips that work best for you. 
    •    Identify your writing voice. 
    •    prepare your work for publishing with editing tips: 
    •    areas that need clarification or amplification. 
    •    suggest ways to emphasize points or ideas. 
    •    ensure quoted material is properly attributed. 
    •    navigate the mental process of writing a work for public consumption.

Coaching sessions

A single coaching session includes:
    •    a one-hour (1), one-on-one meeting in person, via telephone or online video meeting 
    •    one hour (1) of editing and research based on your current needs and progress: 
    •    read and make notes on up to 2500 words submitted at least two days prior to meeting.
    •    select writing tips with instructions customized to you as needed. 
    •    suggest organization of existing material. 
    •    supply you with examples and step-by-step instructions at required stages. 
    •    as-needed email or telephone support to answer your questions and provide guidance in between scheduled one-on-one meetings.


To guide you to enjoy the writing process and complete a final draft of your book for publication by your desired publication date.


Requires a six-month commitment—most books take 6 to 12 months to come to fruition. Monthly rates range between $400-$1000 depending on the level of support, editing, and draft reviews required for an excellent product. Please call Sam Uhl, personal historian for current pricing at 828-595-9802 or email her at

Publishing and Marketing Options

We partner with an experienced publishing and marketing expert whose work has resulted in exceptional sales for our clients who wish to make money from their published book. Call us for more details when you’re ready to write to publish!

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