My Beautiful, Badass Life


I invite you to write your memoir with me and see what a glorious blend of beauty and strength, wisdom and badass you really are. No writing experience is necessary. Hear inspiring stories of everyday people as they share extraordinary moments from their lives (Hint: you are one of them!) Experience memoir magic, those aha moments that come when you make connections within your own story, and to others in your small group of online writers from around the world.

If you’re looking for freedom, worthiness, and joy in your own life story, or just don’t know where to start writing your memoir, you’ve come to the right, safe space. About six of us gather online for a dynamic and meaningful 8-week workshop to discover our beautiful badass lives.

“If you’re skittish about the online bit, listen to what Debbie says about it.”

We engage in creative work and dive into the deep end. We’ll laugh together and maybe shed a tear. I teach largely by way of creative exercises and talking about our writing. I also choose intuitively from methods I’ve honed through the years and select those which will inspire each of you. As a result of my unique approach, no two workshops are alike, except that every student leaves with pages and pages of encouraging life stories and a handful of newly minted friends.


  • We meet weekly and writing is done in between sessions.
  • Each session is two hours. Hour 1: I teach and inspire. Hour 2: Student share stories.
  • Come prepared and on time
  • Write 1,000 words per week (minimum)
  • Read your story aloud to the group
  • Give and receive encouraging words

Price: $249
That's about $30 a week for an investment in yourself today that will last beyond your lifetime.

Next online workshop starts in September 2018. Register now to reserve your seat. Time and date TBD.



Contact me if you have questions. Registrations are non-refundable, and I'm happy to apply your payment to any future service if you run into an emergency that keeps you from attending the workshop you committed to. Just give me a heads up and we'll work it out.