Conversational Memoirs

Record and preserve your life stories in audio files

Record and preserve your life stories in audio files

The stories you've always wanted to share with your family are now the ones they get to hear in this custom, audio-recorded series of interviews. Imagine your great grandchildren hearing you describe the values you hold most dear in your voice—as well as true tales from a lifetime of experiences and memories. Sharing your stories connects you across the generations, even to those yet unborn. 

Conversational Memoirs capture and preserve your life stories just the way you want to be remembered. Just like a conversation between two friends, a Conversational Memoir is a relaxed, but purposeful conversation between one of our professional personal historians and the Narrator. Give the gift of hearing your voice again, or for the very first time, to family and friends for decades as they listen to your stories in the car or gathered around the living room.  

From our first contact, whether in-person or from afar, I guide you through each simple step, from choosing the stories (or music, recipes, poems, etc.) that you want to preserve, to recording and preserving the digital audio files or having them transcribed and designed into a beautiful leather notebook for you to share with family and friends for generations.

Popular themes and topics for Conversational Memoirs include: 

 - Immigration
 - Recipes & memories
 - Charity & community service
 - Hobbies & collectibles
 - Coming of age
 - Education
 - Sports
 - Military career & home life
 - Love
 - Family
 - Milestone & significant events
 - Travels & adventures
 - Meaningful people (Heroes in your life)
 - Significant places
 - Life lessons and values
 - Reflections on your life

Overview of your Conversational Memoir

1.     During your consultation, we discuss themes you may want to include as part of your legacy.
2.     You receive a custom workbook to help jog the memories you most want to preserve and share.
3.     I conduct confidential in-person, online, or telephone interviews.
4.     Once the interviews are complete, your unedited mp3 audio interviews are delivered to you.
5.     You may choose to have your interviews transcribed, edited, and bound in an 8.5 x 11 inch leather notebook to which you can continue adding memoir chapters over time.

Deliverable options

·      Digital mp3 audio files of unedited interviews are delivered online as a downloadable file and on a USB flash drive if you so choose.
·      If you choose to have your Conversational Memoir bound, it will be edited and the manuscript bound in an expandable leather notebook.

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Leather Notebook

Take the extra step and have your Conversational Memoir printed and bound in a beautiful leather notebook. As each interview is completed it is transcribed and edited, preserving your unique voice.


Package 1: Conversational Memoir (a la carte): $60

  • 1 hour, unedited audio interview delivered online as a downloadable file
  • one (1) narrator

Package 2: Conversational Memoir: $1,000

  • 3 hours of transcribed, edited interviews
  • one (1) narrator
  • one (1) photo
  • designed and bound in a leather notebook

Package 3: Conversational Memoir: $2,000

  • 5 hours of transcribed, edited interviews
  • one (1) narrator
  • up to 15 photos
  • designed and bound in a leather notebook

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