What it means to take a deeper look at your life story

 Deeper look at telling story

Deeper look at telling story

The process of telling, or creating our story can be a powerful exercise. I say “telling or creating” because these may be two different things. We get to be the authors of our past and the creators of our futures, which is more responsibility than we sometimes credit.

When we tell our story we are exploring who we are, or at least who we were. This process helps to shape our identity. Now depending on your disposition, the truth of your story may be one of chaos, strength, disappointment, courage, freedom, victimization or heroism. This is the difference between telling and creating. 

Power of story

When we look back on our experiences, we have a choice. We can choose to learn from these experiences and spin them to our advantage, regardless of how much pain or perceived defeat we experienced. Or we can become prisoners of our stories, defeated by them and held hostage by a reality that no longer exists. This is the power of our story.

Take a deeper look at your life story

It allows us to create meaning – Even if a particular event or series of events meant something to you at the time, they may hold different significance now. Revisiting events may bring out some opportunity for new meaning.

It allows us to heal – We often will take painful memories and experiences and lock them away so that we don’t have to look at them. This is an option, but often results in the pain manifesting in different ways (through illness or patterns in relationships for example). Taking another look at something that happened in the past may offer the chance for healing and growth.

Your story may be a lesson for someone else – Interested in leaving a legacy behind or something interesting for a relative to explore?  Consider writing your story and the lessons you learned from it. The different kinds of ups and downs we experience as human beings are often relatable to one another.  Writing down your wisdom for others to explore can be a valuable tool.

 Story of future

Story of future

The messages we tell our selves now becomes our future – How we choose to look at one thing may be how we look at many things. What this means is that how we choose to interpret our story may impact how we choose to interpret and experience interactions, relationships, wins and losses. Taking a deeper look at our story allows us to not only see the value in it but also see how we are choosing to interpret it. 

It’s fun! – Looking at our story doesn’t have to be all heavy process, personal exploration and deep catharsis. We all have wonderful, funny and exciting components of our story to tell and revisit. This part of looking at our story can be a springboard for inspiration, enthusiasm and happiness!

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