What does a personal historian do?

Personal historians help you preserve your wisdom and experiences for the day that you know is coming, when your children and grandchildren grow older and sense a longing to connect deeply with you and to know themselves better as a result. To hear the whispers of their history become loud and clear through the reading of the stories of your life.

I help you capture the treasured stories from your own life and those memorable tales passed down from your parents and grandparents. Tell their stories now, while you still can, and give the gift of heartfelt connection, blessings, and values to the next generations weaving together a family bond that no one else understands quite like you do. If you don't capture the stories that make your family story so unique, it will be as though your ancestors have died a second time, taking all traces of their mark on the world with them.

Personal historians use many methods of recording your life stories. You can choose from the most basic, which is to digitize your slides, 8MM movies, photos, and other memorabilia and create captioned photo books. What good is a picture unless you tell the thousand words that go with it? I don't mean to be harsh sounding, but in just one generation, the significance of the people and events in those treasured photo is forever gone unless you tell their stories today. Start with 10 photos and ask about the stories behind them, then add to the collection each week or month.

Audio recordings and video documentaries are two additional ways to record your stories, each with their own benefits depending on your budget and desire.

My personal favorite way to preserve life stories is in a good, old fashioned book. Here at The Cheerful Word, I can coach you in writing your own book if you are so inclined, or you can sit back, relax, and be expertly guided through the interview process by me, Ruth Anne, your personal historian. Books are easy to share, read time and time again, and purchase for many years online or through my publishing company.

If you'd like to find a personal historian in your neighborhood, go the Association of Personal Historians at www.personalhistorians.org. We are a worldwide organization, so you're sure to find one near you. And many of us work long-distance (I live in Hendersonville, North Carolina, but am temporarily living in Germany and the distance doesn't affect the product in the least). The preservation of your personal history is just around the corner!

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