Think your life is boring?

Let me take a minute to convince you that your life is more interesting than you may think! All of our lives are filled with big and small examples of what movies are made of—Romance, drama, mystery and comedy!

Yes, I'm talking about your life.

Rethink your memories

Recall how you answered when someone recently asked you, "How are things are going?" You very likely told them about something that was important—at least in the moment—such as:

In the hall at work, you loudly told a co-worker that your boss needs leadership training. (Were you angry or frustrated? Did you get fired? Did you get a raise? Did they put you on the list of speakers for the next leadership summit?)

You tried on a pair of pants from last Autumn and broke the zipper that just wouldn’t contain those extra five pounds. (Did you laugh or cry? Did you cry laughing? Did you sigh and decide to be kind to yourself, after all, it’s been a difficult year.)

You just told the woman of your dreams over an expensive dinner and ample wine, that "You're so beautiful; alcohol does wonders for the vision." (Was that your last date with her? Did she throw the drink in your face? Did you marry her?)

You texted your pastor an answer to a question and later discovered, upon rereading, that you sent a completely inappropriate word and are mortified. (Did you laugh and chalk it up to the perils of auto-correct? Did you send a new text with the corrected word? Did you avoid him for the next two Sundays?)

Change perspective

If you can't come up with a story, just ask a friend or family member to recall a time when you did something embarrassing, funny or sweet; or maybe it was a prank gone bad.

It often happens that others remember highlights of our lives from a much brighter perspective than we do. Their version might make for a really good story! Seeing your life experiences through the eyes of others can alter your perspective on your story, often for the better. Plan some fun by getting together with others and start swapping stories. Between the comedy, the drama, the mystery, and the romance, you'll be amazed at how interesting your life really is, and you'll get to know your friends on a whole new level. Who needs Hollywood when the best tales are right in your backyard?

That reminds me of the time a dog wandered into our yard and the next I knew…